Client Managementby Ashley Seric

Scalable, Clean Design

A clean, simple and scalable design means little to no training is required for staff to begin using this system effictively on desktop and mobile devices.

CQ Properties CMS Home

Live Search

A hand written live search feature automatically displays results pulled from the database as you type. The results display a handful of relivant information alongside each result.

CQ Properties CMS Home

Client Tracking

Clients are tracked throughout their progress from expression of interest to unconditional contract. All clients are neatly arranged into a navigatable flow chart.

Statistical Analysis

Accurate statistics can be pulled from any specific time range, this tool has proven very helpful in analysing new marketing techniques

Loan Servicability Calculator

Using an algorithm developed closely with a leading home loan lendor I was able to develope a loan calculator. The calculator automatically pulls any information provided by the client and will estimate which home packages the client can afford. This can be recalculated after any changes are made to the clients information with the touch of a button.


Timestamped comments streamline all communications pertaining to any specific client; removing the need for cumbersome emails between.

Admin Panel

A clean and simple settings panel give administrators easy access to update home loan rates, usernames, passwords, user permissions, disclaimers, notices and any other relevant information.